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Closing accounting periods

It is a very common mistake when the January arrives that we get the date wrong.  How often in the past two weeks have we stop ourselves as we write 2019 instead of 2020 in the date.  When we are entering transactions into our accounting software it is very easy to get the date wrong […]

What is PAYG Instalment?

I don’t think a day would go by when we are not asked about PAYG Instalment.  It causes a great deal of confusion and distress for tax payers.  The tax office letters that are issued are written in ATO language which means no one can easily understand them.  Perhaps this will in some way help […]

What’s in a Number – Exploring the ABN

We are going back to basics this week. I find it interesting that something as simple as a number can cause confusion, so we are going to deep dive into the ABN today. ABN = Australian Business Number. I know it is symantics but you only need to refer to it as an ABN, not […]

What is Cloud Integration?

As technology develops there are more and more apps on the market and our tech savvy clients are looking to integrate this technology into their business lives. The information is over whelming and we advisors need a way to stay on top of this and identify the best apps for our client At Jigsaw it […]

Office re-opening Goulburn and Norwest

With restrictions easing in New South Wales yesterday – Monday the 11th October 2021 – we wanted to give an update on our office movements. Under the direction of the health guidelines, we will be operating a skeleton crew of staff within the physical offices, while the rest of the team will continue with our working from home arrangements. Our offices will remain locked at these times, with drop off options available.  We are continuing to encourage all our clients to utilise our many online platforms […]

The ATO App Test Drive

Ok ladies and gentlemen, we all love something that is free and helps us in our daily lives. Although the ATO is often seen as the enemy for business owners, they do try to help us out by providing tools to use in our businesses. The free ATO app is one such tool that I […]

NSW Commercial Rent Relief

  While we hear a lot of talk about the NSW COVID-19 Grants, JobSaver and the federally administered COVID-19 Disaster Payment as the suite of assistance available to small business, the subject of rent relief has not gained the same headlines and media attention.  There is a great deal of confusion about how the rent […]

The Jobsaver Rollercoaster

Nothing like a change in the eligibility for stimulus money being sent out on a Friday afternoon to ruin your weekend.  We were notified of the need to retest JobSaver eligibility for the fortnight 30 August – 11 September on Friday the 10 September.  The phone calls started, the details were sketchy, yet if you […]

What is your customer service point of difference?

Some businesses are not necessarily great when it comes to marketing.  For example, much like accountants, tradies are good at what they do and believe that their strengths are in their technical skills – and marketing is left to those people who work in sales.  The thought of marketing and sales brings up images of […]