We’ve put together a few quick and easy to follow video guides in how to correctly record your stimulus payments in Xero

How to record JobKeeper payments
Step 1 – Create a new account for JobKeeper income

Step 2 – Reconcile payment from ATO to the JobKeeper income account


How to record Cash Boost
Step 1 – Create a new account for Cash Boost income

Step 2a – Reconcile net payment from ATO to ATO income account (Jigsaw will reconcile at EOFY)

Step 2b – Reconcile gross payment cash boost to ATO liability account (balance sheet) and ATO income account (P&L)
1) Check whether your ATO Creditor account can accept credit payments

2) Create a Cash Boost income transaction from ATO, and split your payment between ATO liability AND bank account (example is for a $10,000 cash boost to be split against BAS and bank account)

How to record NSW/VIC Grants
Step 1 – Create a new account for NSW/VIC Grant income

Step 2 – Reconcile payment from ATO to the Grant income account

Don’t worry too much – as we’ll be correctly reconciling these when we complete your next BAS / EOFY. If you have any concerns about your JobKeeper, Cash Boost or grants don’t hesitate to contact the team for more information.


  • JobKeeper is paid monthly, as a reimbursement for the last 2 fortnights (September payment will include 3 fortnights in August)
  • Every JobKeeper participant is required to lodge a monthly declaration, which will trigger the ATO to release the reimbursement (approx. 14 days from lodgement)
  • The forward month projection is your best guess at your future income. It will NOT be held against you if you are incorrect
  • Once you reach the required reduction in turnover in a month, you can continue claiming JobKeeper for the entirety of the scheme – even if your sales increase
  • Jigsaw Tax does not get notified whether your JobKeeper has been paid. Please let us know if it hasn’t been paid

Cash Boost:

  • Every business that is eligible and reports wages at W1/W2 will have the calculated boost applied automatically
  • The boost will be initially applied to ATO Integrated Client Account debt. Only excess will be refunded
  • The bank details provided for JobKeeper are not applied to Cash Boost refunds. We may have to confirm these again from you

NSW/VIC grants:

  • All grant income must be expended on business expenses (non-JobKeeper staff / top-ups, operating expenses such as rent, maintenance etc.)
  • Do not claim the grant unless you will be able to show expenditure on operating expenses
  • For NSW, we will provide a letter of support and you will be required to lodge documentation with the state Government
  • NSW has advised that compliance and verification action will occur after COVID