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July 2021 NSW Small Business Grant information

Small Business COVID-19 Support Grant The NSW Government has announced a major new grants package to help tens of thousands of Small Businesses, Sole traders, Not-for-profits, Tourism, hospitality and Regional NSW businesses across NSW impacted by the current COVID-19 restrictions. The package includes grants of between $5000 and $10,000.   What can the grants be […]

Year end tax planning – Individuals

  My previous article was about tax planning for business.  Business is unpredictable and requires planning towards the end of the financial year.  For most individual taxpayers, the tax situation is relatively stable from year to year.  While there are a few tips to help you get the best return, it is best to be […]

Year end tax planning – Business

  It is that time of year when business clients require tax planning.  Tax planning prior to April can be rather useless for businesses as most have a level of unpredictability about their performance.  By the end of March we have a reasonable idea of how the business has travelled and can make some predictions […]

Why paying tax can be a good thing?

Its June, and everyone is madly thinking how to reduce their tax bill. Media publications, accounting bodies, finance gurus are all posting on legal ways to reduce tax. Apart from a few options, most involve spending more money. But is reducing tax, at the expense of everything else, really the right approach to financial security? […]

Crypto in 60 seconds

Crypto in 60 seconds Crypto currencies (e.g. BitCoin, Etherium, etc.) can be treated in 2 ways: – Capital Assets (CGT rules apply) – Revenue Assets (Trading stock rules apply) This brief guide focuses on what things taxpayers need to consider regarding Crypto CGT assets, and does not delve in high Crypto volume trading and profit […]

NSW Small Business Fees and Charges Rebate

The NSW Government have released a new small business grant that is in place from April 2021 until 30 June 2022.  The grant is to relieve eligibly businesses of some of the licence fees and charges that the NSW government impose on businesses. Before you get too excited, although the grant is for $1500, it […]

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Audit Insurance

  Many accounting firms offer an audit insurance policy as an optional extra for their clients.  It is just about time for Jigsaw Tax’s policy to renew and we will no doubt get many questions from our clients about the need for this policy.  Given that we have been through a year with many self-assessed […]

Franking Credits

Most of you would have heard of Franking Credits.  You might know that it is something to do with tax, company shares, and important enough to significantly impact the Australian election results in 2019 when Labor’s policy pledged changes to their tax treatment.  Do you really understand what they are? I am going to try […]

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Balancing uncertainty in 2021

December 2020 has shown us how quickly things can change in this pandemic ridden world we are living in.  In mid-December we took our team to Wollongong for a training conference and Christmas dinner.  We felt very confident doing this as there were no cases of COVID-19 pretty much anywhere in Australia at the time.  […]