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Jobkeeper 2.0 – What you need to know

This week is the crucial week for action for those on Jobkeeper 1.0 and those intending to continue to claim support via Jobkeeper 2.0.  The long awaited alternative tests were released by the Commissioner of Taxation on 22 September giving us more clarity and some tools to assist our clients in determining their eligibility for […]

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The Value of Time

When I think about time I feel a mixture of emotions.  It is something that is often on my mind or in my conversations.  Do you have time, how long will this take, I’m running late, I’m running out of time!  So much of what we do is based on time and I believe it […]

JobKeeper Update

I am craving a time when our world is not all about COVID-19, and our work as accountants is not consumed with Jobkeeper changes, but that time seems a long way away. As my inbox continues to be filled with questions about Jobkeeper I think it is time for another update. We were eagerly awaiting […]

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Its time to break some bad habits

Have you taken a good hard look at yourself over the past few months when your normal routine changed?  I certainly have.  There are things I liked and things I definitely didn’t like about the way I adjusted to the temporary new normal.  I really liked my commitment to exercising (there are no excuses when […]

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Every Monday I start my week with an early morning Reformer Pilates class.  It is a lesson in vulnerability and personal strength as I manipulate my body in challenging new positions that I thought I would never have been capable of.  This morning the only thing preventing a spectacular fall from the machine was a […]

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Our New Recession

I was just finishing university when Australia had its last recession and I honestly don’t remember that much about it.  I do recall our then Treasurer Paul Keating famously declaring that this was “the recession we had to have” and getting my first job as a graduate was very difficult, but the gravity of the […]

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A tax mum’s letter to first time taxpayers

It’s that time of year again, and I will no doubt be having the same conversation with many of my children’s friends who are new at lodging tax returns.  They will want my help to get as much tax back as possible and explain why their expectations do not necessarily match the reality of the […]

JobKeeper 2.0

Yesterday, Tuesday 21st of July, the Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Treasurer, Josh Frydenberg have released details for the much touted Jobkeeper extension program.   Jigsaw Tax will await the formal legislative governance set to be provided by Treasury in the Economic Release due on Thursday, 23rd of July 2020 before advising on the implications […]

The Apprentice

Love them or hate them, Tradies almost certain started their career as an Apprentice.  It may be challenging to employ a young person and teach them your trade, but there are some advantages to hiring apprentices in your workforce. In March 2019 there was 276,250 workers in training making up 2.2% of the workforce.  In […]

How To Record Stimulus (Intuit QBO)

We’ve put together a few quick and easy to follow video guides on how to correctly record your stimulus payments in QBO How to record JobKeeper payments Step 1 – Create a new account for JobKeeper income https://www.loom.com/share/d094d5d180a8409eb847a1f2f5a18091 Step 2 – Reconcile payment from ATO to the JobKeeper income account https://www.loom.com/share/70049d1690e44d4f93f1ccb2e64016ec  How to record Cash […]